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Capable of providing optimal personalized services, our Company can handle all your logistic requirements, along with packaging and storage services, assuring you that the products are properly packaged to be stored – whether for long or short term – and that our packaging expertise enables the effective management of high volume, seasonal and promotional products.


Dealing with a wide range of logistic services for shipping products, we also provide warehouse services for long or short term storage customized to your requirements. Having a unique warehouse management technology system we can assure that when the time comes your cargo will leave our facilities fast and in exactly the same condition as it was when it entered.


Dealing with any type of cargo, we have a strong competency in Custom Clearance, which is directly related with our freight forwarding division. As independent freight forwarders we negotiate strongly to obtain the best possible rates on Ocean and Air freights, while we cover worldwide destinations to meet all the freight forwarding requirements of our customers.


Door to Door delivery is the most common way of shipment and while many services concerning logistics are very important, this kind of delivery is most of all convenience and speedy! We can set you free of all arrangements related to the shipment, being in charge of the whole process, beginning with loading the cargo and ending when it arrives at the destination.


We coordinate worldwide transportations for any customer, by providing reliable shipping services through a network of carefully-selected partners. We thoroughly inspect every operation to identify those with values and standards similar to our own. Through this large and trusted network we ensure that you will have a worry free transportation all around the world.


We offer a range of logistic services and supply chain solutions, providing innovative solutions with the best people, processes, and technology, to increase value for your business, that include comprehensive transportation management, material handling services and information technology. Whether an individual or corporation we are fully equipped for your needs.